UK Farmers Encouraged to Go Green

UK Farmers are being encouraged to plan ahead and look at green projects with the future of UK farming likely to change. While various grants and funding are already on offer, Environmental Secretary Michael Gove plans to reward environmentally friendly farmers post-brexit. Current proposals plan to scrap the current Common Agricultural Policy, in favour of … Continue reading UK Farmers Encouraged to Go Green

The Long Hot Summer of 2018

Whilst many of us have been basking in the glorious sunshine and high temperatures this year, some farmers have been experiencing the not-so -wonderful side effects of the extreme summer weather. Crop failure has made 2018 pretty disastrous for many in the agricultural industry. Already we are being warned of a shortage of peas, grains … Continue reading The Long Hot Summer of 2018

RSPCA Supports Farming Subsidies

Britain’s most respected animal welfare charity has joined in the debate over the future of farming subsidies post-Brexit. Speaking recently at the Oxford Real Farming Conference, the RSPCA put forward their proposals for the continued funding of the British farming industry when the subsidies under the EU CAP come to an end. Primarily, they are … Continue reading RSPCA Supports Farming Subsidies