Accommodation For Agricultural Workers

Farmers who provide accommodation to their employees need to make sure that the rates they charge their workers do not push wages below National Minimum Wage or Agricultural Minimum Wage. If accommodation is provided to workers, the offset rate as provided by HMRC is £6.40 per day or £44.80 per week from April 2017. If … Continue reading Accommodation For Agricultural Workers

HMRC Agricultural Compliance Checks

In the rural sector, employers are being urged to check that they are paying the correct minimum wages rates where both the Agricultural Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage apply.  HMRC has launched a programme of compliance checks to ensure the correct rates are being paid and can ask to see any associated records.   … Continue reading HMRC Agricultural Compliance Checks

VAT Payable On Full Cost Of Temps

Farms and rural businesses who hire temporary staff through an agency must continue to pay VAT on the wages of those workers, and not just on any commission that is due. A tribunal has ruled that VAT at the standard rate is due on all amounts charged to a client for the supply of temporary … Continue reading VAT Payable On Full Cost Of Temps

Agricultural Workers Sick Pay

Are you aware that agricultural workers have different sick pay rules to other workers? If you have an agricultural worker who has been continuously employed with you for a minimum of 52 weeks, they will be entitled to Agricultural Workers Sick Pay (AWSP) if they have been absent for one of the following reasons: Sickness … Continue reading Agricultural Workers Sick Pay

Agricultural Workers – Get It Right

Agricultural workers in Wales are normally entitled to: Minimum rates of pay (which may be higher than the National Minimum Wage) Paid holiday Agricultural sick pay (paid at least the Agricultural Minimum Wage when off work sick. This includes any statutory sick pay they may be entitled to) Pay even if bad weather stops work … Continue reading Agricultural Workers – Get It Right

Are you aware of changes to the Agricultural Wages Order?

The Agricultural Wages Board has been in existence since the First World War in order to end rural poverty and provide protection for workers. However, the terms and conditions for agricultural workers, as defined by the Agricultural Wages Board (AWB), will come to an end this October, which will give farmers much more flexibility when … Continue reading Are you aware of changes to the Agricultural Wages Order?