Farming for the Future Roadshow

The Welsh Government are running a series of events under their Farming Connect scheme to inform local farmers of the services and support available to them. The Farming For The Future Roadshow is set to focus on: How to future-proof your business ahead of Brexit Information on the fully or part funded business and technical … Continue reading Farming for the Future Roadshow

Back British Farming Day

The 13th September marks Back British Farming day, with many MPs wearing a corn and horns badge to show their support for British farming. The special day is a rallying call to encourage MPs to use their positions to support the industry, especially with upcoming Brexit negotiations. The special badge has been sent to all … Continue reading Back British Farming Day

Concerns over the Future of EU Workers

A recent survey by the Food and Drinks Federation has shown that many in the “farm to fork” sector of UK industry are worried that their businesses will become unviable if they lose their EU workers in the wake of Brexit. More than a third of businesses said that they had already lost many of … Continue reading Concerns over the Future of EU Workers

Farmers and Banks – a Relationship on the Rocks?

A recent survey undertaken by YouGov reveals that farming businesses feel that they are not getting sufficient support from their banks. Over 1,000 small and medium farming businesses took part in the survey, with over 30% stating they would like to see more commitment to the agricultural industry from banks.  One of the biggest concerns … Continue reading Farmers and Banks – a Relationship on the Rocks?

Will Brexit Affect the Value of Your Farmland?

Fears have been expressed by some land agents that agricultural land prices may fall in the UK, as a direct result of Brexit. It is expected that the amount of subsidies, such as the Basic Payment Scheme, will decline once Britain leaves the EU, causing some farmers to re-consider their financial position.  Many are already struggling … Continue reading Will Brexit Affect the Value of Your Farmland?

Farmers – Analysis Breeds Performance.

Whilst farming has its own key fields in which farmers and farm managers must succeed to eke out a profit, the importance of the “numbers” can often be misunderstood or forgotten about completely. With the Brexit decision leaving many farmers wondering where the next subsidy is going to come from, cost analysis and performance monitoring … Continue reading Farmers – Analysis Breeds Performance.