Will Brexit Affect the Value of Your Farmland?

Fears have been expressed by some land agents that agricultural land prices may fall in the UK, as a direct result of Brexit. It is expected that the amount of subsidies, such as the Basic Payment Scheme, will decline once Britain leaves the EU, causing some farmers to re-consider their financial position.  Many are already struggling … Continue reading Will Brexit Affect the Value of Your Farmland?

Land Prices Fall In First Quarter Of 2016

Land prices fall in first quarter of 2016 as a result of buyers caution and the depressed agricultural markets. An average fall of 3% in comparison with the final quarter of 2015 On the brighter side, farmland values remain much improved over those 5 and 10 year ago, showing 32% and 176% increase respectively. Quality … Continue reading Land Prices Fall In First Quarter Of 2016

Farmland – A Capital Performance

Knight Frank’s farmland investment index shows that over the last 10 years good farmland values have risen by 230%. By comparison the value of prime housing in central London has only increased by 135% and the FTSE100 increased by less than 50%. There are some indications that farmland prices are not currently increasing at the … Continue reading Farmland – A Capital Performance

Estate Planning and Farmland

Most land owners are aware of Agricultural Property Relief (APR) and could be forgiven for thinking that this means there is no risk of their Estate paying Inheritance Tax. Unfortunately there are situations where farmland does not qualify for 100% APR. There have been cases where the HM Revenue & Customs have successfully challenged claims … Continue reading Estate Planning and Farmland

Thinking of Selling Your Welsh Land?

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has recently announced that the price of Welsh farmland has increased by around 13% in the last 12 months. Although Welsh land is not as expensive as that of our English neighbours, the cost of an acre of Welsh farmland averaged out at £7,500 for 2014. A spokesman … Continue reading Thinking of Selling Your Welsh Land?