Monmouthshire Show

Tomorrow, for the second year running, Green & Co will be attending the Monmouthshire Show, alongside the CLA and Balfours with Berringtons. Each year over 20,000 visitors enjoy a taste of farming and the countryside at the stunning showground on the banks of the River Wye in Monmouth. The Monmouthshire Show has something for everyone: Agricultural Events and Demonstrations … Continue reading Monmouthshire Show

Water Market Reforms

With effect from April 2017 farmers will be able to choose their water supplier (and also the sewage service provider) in much the same way that they can currently decide on a different energy provider. However this change only applies to business not domestic customers and also those businesses must be situated in England. This … Continue reading Water Market Reforms

Robots In Farming

Due to the difficulties encountered by farmers on recruiting farm labour attention is being turned to the use of agricultural robots. These can be used to collect data, harvest crops, identify weeds and space out pot grown plants. Robots have become popular in dairy systems – with the possibility that by 2025 half of all … Continue reading Robots In Farming