Second Window for Farm Business Grant Scheme

Further to our blog in April regarding the Farm Business Grant Scheme, the Welsh Government will be opening the second window for those to apply for the scheme this month. As last time, the window will be open for two months, with a total of £40m funding available over the course of the scheme running, … Continue reading Second Window for Farm Business Grant Scheme

Welsh Government Consultation

The Welsh Government has recently launched a significant consultation Taking Forward Wales' Sustainable Management of Natural Resources. It represents a wide-ranging and radical series of ideas in agriculture, designated landscapes, access, water abstraction and drainage, forestry, regulation and more. See the document here. Rebecca Williams, CLA Cymru Director says, "Land owners, managers and farmers should focus … Continue reading Welsh Government Consultation

New Small Grant Scheme for Welsh Farmers

The new tax year brings some good news for farmers as the Welsh Government has announced it has earmarked £40 million for a new Small Grants Scheme in Wales to “help farmers transform their business”. The scheme will be part funded by the Rural Development Programme, and will offer support over a 4-year period for … Continue reading New Small Grant Scheme for Welsh Farmers

Increased Levels Help Trigger Nationwide Campaign

Increased traces of farm pesticides have triggered a campaign to encourage farmers to use alternatives to control weeds. Welsh Water found traces of the pesticides in areas where they had not been previously found, and explained that while the levels were too low to pose a risk to those drinking the water, they were enough … Continue reading Increased Levels Help Trigger Nationwide Campaign

Water Abstraction License Reforms

Both Defra and the Welsh Government have announced plans to abolish Water Abstraction Licences and replace them with Water Abstraction Permits in the early 2020’s.The current licencing system was initially set up in the 1960’s and has been described as not flexible or modern enough to cope with the needs of various stakeholders, such as … Continue reading Water Abstraction License Reforms

Apply Now For Glastir Small Grants

Farmers and landowners in Wales are can now apply for grants of up to £5,000 towards capital expenditure aimed at reducing carbon emissions, easing flood risks and other means of expanding Wales’ biodiversity. The Welsh Government have ear-marked £1.5million under the Glastir small grants scheme to help those in the farming industry who want to … Continue reading Apply Now For Glastir Small Grants

Joint Venture Opportunites

The Welsh Government has set up a Venture Initiative to help match landowners and retiring farmers with enthusiastic new farmers looking for a way into the industry. Find out more by following this link to Business Wales. Please note: This article is a commentary on general principles and should not be interpreted as advice for … Continue reading Joint Venture Opportunites

CAP Reform in Wales

The Welsh Government has published its decisions on CAP Reform today. The report is available here (The Common Agricultural Policy Reform) but the key decisions are: The minimum claim size will be 5ha There will be 3 regions and indicative payment rates: Moorland (land over 400m) around €20/ha SDA around €200/ha DA and Lowland around … Continue reading CAP Reform in Wales